SKY GROUP Aids NYC Owners in Construction

SKY GROUP Aids NYC Owners in Construction

Sky Group, Inc  is a family owned, EPA certified construction firm that has been servicing New York City’s building owners and residential shareholders since it was first incorporated in 2011.

The company has seen substantial growth in the construction industry, particularly in 2018 through a series of interior renovation projects, mainly consisting of Kitchens and Baths.

Sky Group has developed a portfolio of construction project managers, architects and designers that help direct clients in their kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. The company explicitly specializes and prides itself in renovating prewar rental units, coops and apartment buildings throughout the NYC metro area.

With technology at the forefront, professional teams and tailored services in place, Sky Group Inc is not only ready to meet client demands, but the company is also quietly emerging and becoming a top choice amongst competitors.


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